Starte Precision Electronic Co., Ltd

Professional Electronic peripheral cable and cable assembly manufacturer!

About Starte Precision

Starte Precision Electronic Co., Ltd is a company of people with a common interest of providing Electronic peripheral cable products and services that help other people accomplish great things in the fields of science, manufacturing,Networking & Telecommunications, automation and others.

Business Scope

Starte has been a professional manufacturer, specialized in researching, developing, producing and selling cables such as USB to RS232/RS485/rs422 Cable, USB 2.0/3.0 Extension cable with chipset, USB to SATA/IDE Cable , Displayport/ HDMI/ VGA/DVI cable, SCSI cable, Serial Cable,etc

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Most Expensive SATA Cable

Most Expensive SATA Cable​Most ordinary users cannot estimate that a SATA cable can be sold same as the price of one PC, but this thing does exist: the Japanese market recently appeared a product from Korea dedicated to the...