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HPDB 68 Pin Male Cable For 4-axis Stepper Motion
- Oct 15, 2018 -

We make HPDB 68 pin male cable with thumbscrews, which also named 68-pin SCSI-II cable with screw, it is a assembly type. It is used to connect Centralized Motion Controllers (such as 4-axis Stepper Motion Controller) with Terminal board for 68-pin SCSI-II connector with DIN socket.

PCI-8144 4-axis Stepper Motion Controller

This HPDB 68 pin male cable with thumbscrews is similar withACL-10569-1 68-pin SCSI-II cable, but our 68 pin male SCSI-ii connector is Chinese brand which is also good quality with cheap price. More details is below:

Item: HPDB 68 pin male cable with thumbscrews

Length: 1 meter(support custom)

Connector: HD68 pin male SCSI-II connector x2

Locking type: Thumbscrews

Wire: UL2919 28AWG*34Pair+Al-foil+braid+Drain wire, OD=10.5mm, Bare copper

Pin layout: straight connection

MOQ: 50 pieces

MD 68 Pin SCSI Cable Assembly