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Performance Test Must Ensure A Certain Test Time
- Jun 22, 2018 -

When the digital TV DVI interface performance is tested, the error rate index should reach 10-9, that is, 1 billion bits allow a bit error. Therefore, a certain test time must be guaranteed during the performance test, such as VGA@60Hz, 25MHz clock frequency, test. The time should be greater than 40s, then 1080i@60Hz, 74.25MHz pixel frequency, test time should be greater than 14s, at the same time subjective observation of the image by more than 1 minute, no obvious pixel noise to determine the quality of the interface performance.

There is a +5V voltage in the DVI interface. The hot-swap detection (HPD) voltage is required to be obtained from this voltage. The HPD effective level should be greater than 2.4V. Therefore, the HPD series resistance of the receiving device should generally be less than 10kΩ. The receiving equipment in the application can also use this voltage for system power supply, but the load current should not exceed 50mA, preferably less than 10mA, in order to guarantee the HPD level needs. In order to ensure the normal startup of the interface, EDID memory power supply is also preferably generated by the transmitter +5V.

To ensure that the hardware circuit design is feasible, there must also be software support. The optimized software flow is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the DVI interface system.

For DVI interface applications in digital television, flat-panel TVs, more critical is the EDID (Extended Display Identification DATA) programming, HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) function. These are all new applications for digital TVs. After EDID and HDCP are implemented on digital TVs, the DVI interface is the real digital TV interface. There are also broadcasts on how to use the correct method to accurately test the broadcast-level indicators of the video signals output from the DVI interface. At present, there is no perfect method.