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RS232 Male To Female Interface Connection Cable For Medical Devices
- Aug 27, 2018 -

This is Starte RS232 male to female interface connection cable, we made 1 000 pcs for our Germany client who specialists in manufacturing treadmill ergometer and systems for fi tness,sports, sports science, sports medicine, athletics, biomechanics, medicine, rehabilitation, therapy, ergometry, performance diagnostics and scientific research. The RS232 male to female interface connection cable can be used to connect Ladder-Ergometer or Treadmill with host PC ECG, OXYCON, PC, etc. Specification is as follows:

 Wire: UL2724 28AWG*3C+D,OD=4.5mm, Beige Jacket

 Connector 1: Sub-D 9pin male    Connector 2: Sub-D 9pin female

 Pin layout: Cross pin layout

Straight pin layout or Null modem pin layout is supported, custom pin layout is welcomed.