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VHDCI68 To HPDB50 SCSI Cable For PCi Board
- Aug 29, 2018 -

This is Starte VHDCI68 to HPDB50 SCSI Cable, we made 200 pcs to Korean Market, it is used to connect a SCSI device with a high density 50 pin connector (female) to a PCI board equipped with an ultra high density 68 pin (female). Specification is as follows:

 Wire: UL 2919 28AWG*25Pair+Al-foil+Braid+Drain, Bare copper, PVC Jacket

 Connector 1: HPDB 50 male connector with latch clip

 Connector 2: VHDCI 68 male connector with thumbscrews

 Length: 6 feet

 MOQ: 100 Pcs

 Package: PE bags


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