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How To Prevent The USB Data Cable Being Oxidized
- Oct 22, 2018 -

USB Micro data cable, its role is to connect mobile devices and computers to achieve data transfer or communication purposes. Popularly speaking, it is a path tool for connecting computers and mobile devices to transmit files such as videos, ring tones, and pictures. Now, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, data lines have become an indispensable part of our lives.

USB 2.0 A Male To Right Angled Micro USB Male Cable

Starte Precision Electronic Co., Ltd tells everyone how to prevent the USB data cable from being oxidized.

Repeatedly insert the flash memory into the USB HUB or USB extension cable which is not connected to the computer, rub the flash connector to remove the oxide layer, and then use the mouth or leather tiger to blow off the falling oxide powder.

Wipe the metal sheet after cutting it into a patch shape with an eraser.

Clean the interface: use a piece of slightly hard paper, fold it into strips several times, and then stick into the USB interface, and move the contact of the friction USB interface with a little force.

Wipe the connector with a cotton swab dipped in absolute alcohol and wipe dry.

If none of the above methods can be solved,please go to the professional maintenance department for inspection.