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Secret Of Letting A Mobile Phone To Be A Office Cumputer
- Oct 22, 2018 -

If a mobile phone can both make calls and quickly turn into an office computer, this will bring great convenience to business people. Nowadays, such a solution has been realized. On the Computex 2018, the author saw a scene of a mobile phone turning into an office computer at the Cypress booth.


Look, is this set of office systems without a host? In fact, the core is the Samsung mobile phone in the lower right corner, and the secret of the mobile phone changing computer is the USB Type-C cable that connects the mobile phone and the display. What is even more amazing is that the mobile phone automatically turns on when the mobile phone is connected to the display. Turning into a mouse, which solves the inconvenience of no mouse to the user.


What is USB Type-C? Nowadays, almost all smartphones on the market use this interface. The advantage of USB Type-C is that it solves the worldwide problem of "USB is never inserted." At the same time, the transmission speed is greatly accelerated, USB3.1 data transmission speed can reach 10Gbps; power supply capability is strong, USB3.1 Type-C interface can provide power output up to 100W, that is, users can realize bidirectional power supply through Typc-C interface, which can give The device itself can charge the external device, and the Type-C can transmit audio and video signals and expand into a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA interfaces, and even achieve 4K resolution expansion. It can be said that the power supply and data transmission functions can be combined. If the electronic equipment adopts this standard in the future, business users can charge all electronic devices with only one charging cable.


USB Type-C needs to implement the corresponding chips for many of the above functions. There are also many chip manufacturers in the market involved in this product. Under the premise of dozens of competitors, Cypress's market share is as high as 35%. When the author asked why, Cypress senior marketing director Mark Fu explained, "USB Type-C standard from 2014 At the beginning of the development, we were doing investment and layout for all parties. We were the first company to mass produce USB PD chips. Maybe someone asked, how big is the market for USB Type-C? Why do manufacturers want to do this? Traditional USB needs a chip, and a traditional PC also needs a chip. After USB Type-C, in addition to USB data transmission requires a chip, USB PD also needs a chip, because it is a new USB plug, new signal, The new function design features not only a PD chip, but also a USB chip for each connection line. Thus, the future demand for USB Type-C chips will increase exponentially.


In addition, if the future plug is converted from a single functional connector to a connector that integrates multiple functions, the power provided by the Type-C also needs to be adjustable. The current Type-C data line can generally provide 12w, 45w, 85w, 160w and other powers. Protocols will be communicated between devices before charging. For example, laptops need 45W, mobile phones need 12W, and communicate with the agreement. Not only does it transmit power, many applications also need to transmit data. In March 2015, Cypress was the first to mass-produce chips for USB Type-C data lines, and at each stage of USB Type-C development in the future, as shown in the above figure, Cypress is the industry. The leader releases the corresponding product.

In the field of car and universal charging, Type-C will have great development.

As the car develops intelligently, the number of electronic components in the car is also increasing significantly, so chip manufacturers have turned around this track. Type-C applications focus on two main areas: car and universal charging. What are the application advantages of Type-C? Let's take a look at it.


As shown in the figure, the future USB Type-C will be more diversified in the car, each car will be equipped with 6-8 USB Type-C interfaces, including audio host system, rear seat entertainment system, rear seat charging system. There will be about 2 locations, and it is conservatively estimated that by 2025, the market for USB Type-C chips will reach 1 million US dollars. Regarding the time node of the application, the European-style German car has started research and development in 2017, and it is expected that the USB type-C will be applied to the car in 2020.

EZ-PDTM CCG5 and CCG4 are certified by Intel and AMD respectively

Type-C can integrate display function, USB 3.0 and display compatible, can reach 8-10GB rate, if you support Thunderbolt can reach 40GB. On the Computex 2018, Cypress released the programmable EZ-PDTM CCG5 dual-port USB-C controller with Power Transfer (PD), now certified by Intel for ThunderboltTM 3 host and peripheral design. Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C delivers data at up to 40 Gbps over a compact port and delivers multiple protocols and fast device charging. In addition, the EZ-PDTM CCG4 dual-port USB-C controller is AMD-certified and also has Power Transfer (PD) capabilities for "Raven Ridge" processors for notebooks and desktops. The controller provides powerful USB and DisplayPort connectivity and fast charging for AMD's "Raven Ridge" reference design, simplifying PC manufacturer's plug-and-play USB-C integration and speeding time-to-market.


USB Type-C is expected to unify the field of charging and data transmission interfaces. Home appliances do not have to prepare different chargers and charging lines for various electronic devices. Manufacturers do not have to equip each device with a different set of charging devices, regardless of The user is still a merchant, which in itself is a resource saving.