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Internal SCSI Cable And External SCSI Cable Types
- Sep 18, 2018 -

SCSI cable is a cable that connects two or more SCSI ports, allowing data to be transferred between different SCSI devices, just as a coaxial cable is required between the TV and the TV box. SCSI cable is divided into two types: internal SCSI cable and external SCSI cable. The internal SCSI cable is generally used inside the computer, and the twisted-wound braided wire is used (as shown below). This connection can effectively reduce the signal interference between the cables, but some of the lower-demand internal cable use parallel cable (similar to IDE hard disk Cable).

Ultra320 SCSI 68 Five Drive Cable (use twisted-wound braided wire)

Ultra320 SCSI HD68 Drive flat Cable

SCSI-2 HD 50 Single Drive Ribbon Cable (parallel wire similar to IDE hard disk Cable)

SCSI-2 HD 50 Drive Ribbon Cable

External cables are typically used external to the computer to connect different SCSI devices. Because it is used externally, the appearance is better, and the degree of solidity is higher than the built-in.

VHDCI 68 male to male SCSI Cable

VHDCI 68 Pin Male SCSI Cable

HPDB 68 Male To Male SCSI III Cable With Latch Clip

HPDB 68 Male To Male SCSI III Cable With Latch Clip

HPDB 50 male to male cable with latch clip

Micro DB 50 Pin SCSI Cable

The most important thing to choose SCSI cable is to choose whether the SCSI connector is suitable, such as whether the number of pins meets the requirements of the user's SCSI device, the shape of the interface, including whether the male and female heads are suitable. Also consider the length of the cable and the maximum supported bus speed.