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Long Distance Transmission DP Fiber Wire
- Oct 19, 2018 -

DP fiber is a kind of transmitter, which can transmit signals at a specified distance. Many manufacturers have a certain personality in design, pay more attention to its reliability and excellent image resolution performance, using all-digital, non-compression technology, to distinguish The DP video image with a rate of 3840*2160/30Hz (UHD). It is perfect for no-drop frame, transparent transmission without delay, and supports any resolution.

Why is DP fiber called this name is not fictitious, optical fiber transmission, and fiber thermal backup function, any one of the two optical fibers can work normally to display images, support audio, keyboard, mouse, data, infrared interface and other multi-service connection In. It features 10G bandwidth, 4k@30Hz, 1080p@120Hz, and supports any resolution. Different manufacturers have different DP fiber transmission distances. I have seen support transmission distances of 1-80KM, and the visible distance cannot be ignored. This is also one of the characteristics of DP fiber.