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Most Expensive SATA Cable
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Most ordinary users cannot estimate that a SATA cable can be sold same as the price of one PC, but this thing does exist: the Japanese market recently appeared a product from Korea dedicated to the data cable manufacturer WireDream, this SATA cable is made of a combination of 97% silver + 3% gold. After ultra-low temperature and high temperature processing, it is made for users who have the highest requirements for sound quality.

sata Cable

Japanese sellers claim that the sound quality does change after a dubious audition with advanced audio equipment; Agents claim that the transmission speed is about 10% higher than the average SATA cable. Although subjectively feel that this kind of thing has never been reliable, at least Korean manufacturers have given a waveform change map, which is still more than the impact of hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power on the sound quality that is often impossible to be teased by double-blind trials. "Be stronger.”

This expensive SATA cable is available in three types of normal/upper L/low L and 40/50/60cm length (50/60cm item should be custom). The local price quoted by the Japanese seller is 40cm item is 24800. Yuan (about 1890 RMB).

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