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Portable, Digital, Multi-function
- Jun 22, 2018 -

As an important part of the current or signal connection, the connector is also an important part of the industrial system. With the rapid development of personal mobile terminals, home smart appliances, information and communication industries, new transportation energy industry, aerospace technology, artificial intelligence, medical electronic equipment and other fields, connectors have been proposed in terms of functions, appearance, performance, and use environment. higher requirement.

1, the trend of miniaturization and integration.

In order to meet the requirements of portable, digital, multifunctional electronic assembly and production assembly automation, electronic connectors must adjust their product structure. The main products are small size, low height, narrow listening distance, multi-function, long life, and surface mounting.

Miniaturization refers to the fact that the center distance of electronic connectors (connectors) is small, and high density is the key to achieving a large number of cores. The miniaturization of consumer electronic products requires miniaturization, refinement, and high performance, which also promotes the miniaturization and small pitch development of connector products. The miniaturization of components is more technically demanding. All of these require a strong industrial tooling base to effectively support it.

2, the trend of intelligent development.

Today is a world with rapid development of information. People's needs are getting higher and higher regardless of information or technology. From the rapid development of information and communication data, wireless Internet has become every one of us. The intelligent development of electronic connectors for IC chips and control circuits is an inevitable trend for smart phones, smart wearables, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned driving, virtual reality, and intelligent robots. This will enable the electronic connector to more intelligently grasp the use of electronic devices and improve the performance of the connector for intelligent wireless bridging.

3, the development trend of high performance.

High-speed transmission means that the modern computer, information technology, and networked technology require signal transmission in the time-scale up to the megahertz frequency band, and the pulse time reaches sub-milliseconds. Therefore, high-speed transmission of electronic connectors (connectors) is required.