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Scsi Will Definitely Become Cheaper And Better
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Scsi is an interface that connects the host and peripheral devices and supports a variety of devices including disk drives, tape drives, optical drives, and scanners. It is operated by the scsi controller. The scsi controller is equivalent to a small cpu and has its own command set and cache. To understand scsi, you must first understand its type.

Scsi's future scsi is a continuous advancement of technology, recently added specifications have fiber channel scsi, ieee 1394 (firewire, FireWire) and scsi 3 (160mb/s), will soon be born scsi 4 (320mb/s) and scsi 5 (640mb/sec). Starting with scsi 3, scsi can quickly increase performance as needed, and has near-perfect backwards compatibility, protecting users' investments. With the increasing speed, scsi also began to pay attention to ease of use, using cam (common access model, common access model) to add a control layer between many scsi command sets and program adjustments, making scsi programming more For convenience. I firmly believe that scientific advancement will bring scsi to one technology peak, and future scsi will also become cheaper and better.