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68 Pin Male VHDCI Connector

Description : Starte 0.8mm VHDCI 68 pin male connector with screw and metal cover, this 68 pin vhdci connector pin arrangement in two rows, one on top of the other. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins. It is usually used on the cable for connecting servo driver or vhdci...

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Product Details

Description :
Starte 0.8mm VHDCI 68 pin male connector with screw and metal cover, this 68 pin vhdci connector pin arrangement in two rows, one on top of the other. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins. It is usually used on the cable for connecting servo driver or vhdci adapter.

Product Parameters of solder typeVHDCI 68 pin connector:


solder type 68-pin vhdci lvd scsi connector



Product type

SCSI cable and connector

No. Of Contact

68 pin

Contact Type

0.80mm cable receptacles Connector solder type


Male, screw, Assembly


28AWG or 30AWG support

Contact Finishes

Gold Selective Plating








Two years

0.8mm VHDCI 68 male solder connector with screw.jpg

Technical Parameters of VHDCI 68pin scsi-5 connector:

Connector Material


Plastic Thermoplastic P.B.T UL94V-0, Black


Copper Alloy Gold Selective Plated

Front Shell

Steel, Nickel Plated Over Copper

Metal Cover Material

Back shell

Zinc Alloy, Nickel Plated Over Copper

Jack screws

Steel, Nickel Plated Over Copper

Flat Screws

Steel, Nickel Plated Over Copper

Cable clipper

Steel, Nickel Plated Over Copper

Electrical Characterisitics

Contact Current Rating

1.0 Amp

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

500V AC

Insulation Resistance

500MΩ / Min

Contact Resistance

35mΩ  /Max

Operation Temperature


Application of 68 pin VHDCI male connector :
1)Servers machines and Drive enclosures equipments,
2)Mass storage machines,PCs and Macs and more peripherals
3)Networking Equipments

Q: Can I finish payment after we received goods?
A: For long terms business, it is allowed.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) ?
A: Common items should be 500PCS, Special ones should be 100PCS. 

Q:Package support OEM?
A:Yes, it’s allowed.

Q:Is it possible to finish production around 7-10 days?
A:Yes, if urgent, we can apply for it.

Q: Any discount for long term business relation?
A: Yes, we will support you to expand your business scope not just discount.

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